Lean back and find your way back to what matters most

Enjoy it to the full - the feeling of being at one with yourself. Our spa experts and highly effective natural cosmetics ensure that your time on the lounger ensures deep relaxation that will last for a long time.

It is best to reserve your desired treatment before you arrive – we will be happy to advise you!


Signature Treatments 


Tension in the head, neck and shoulder area is gently released with special massage techniques and precise, effective plant extracts. A modulated individual application technique ensures pleasant relaxation. Enjoy a soothing foot massage while the warming mountain herb cushion is placed in your neck area. Switch off from the stress of everyday life.


Duration: 50 min | Price: 82,00€


A restorative back treatment with highly effective natural active ingredients. The unique combination of manual massage, cupping glasses relieves tension in the back muscles and improves the dynamics of the spine. Lasting relaxation for your back. Free yourself from stress and blockages.


Duration: 50 min | Price: 82,00€


Exceptional holistic full-body and facial ritual based on traditional European medicine. In this luxurious ritual, both body and face are gently pampered and cared for with the highest quality, natural products from Saint Charles Apothecary. Enveloped in the harmonizing scent of pure natural essential oils, the Holistic Luxe Body Treatment leads body and mind into complete relaxation and helps to restore energy, strength and natural radiance.


Duration: 110 min | Price: 145,00€

Saint Charles Facial Treatments

Herbal Cleansing & Balancing Treatment

The focus here is on gentle but effective cleansing and purification of the skin. The natural balance and radiance of the skin is restored and gently brings the skin back into balance.


Duration: 50 min | Price: 78,00€

Herbal Refresh & Relaxing Treatment:

This facial ritual is all about noticeably regenerating and revitalizing the skin and mind. The Herbal Refresh & Relaxing Ritual revitalizes with a special massage technique and an intensively nourishing face and eye mask. Relaxation and pampering, inner calming and relaxation of the facial muscles are the focus of this treatment.


Duration: 80 min | Price: 125,00€

Extra Treatments

Depilation with warm wax for long-lasting smooth skin

Price: 13,00€ - 60,00€

Eyebrow definition

Price: 20,00€

Eyebrow tinting

Price: 15,00€

Eyelash tinting

Price: 20,00€

Lash Lift

With an eyelash lift, you get an irresistible eyelash lift based on your natural eyelashes. Your lashes appear thicker, longer and lifted. The upper lashes are smoothed, lifted and stretched, giving them a permanent curl. They appear thicker and more voluminous. The result lasts for 6-8 weeks. Including coloring of the upper eyelashes and hand massage.


Duration: 60 min | Price: 78,00€

Hand & Feet


Price: 49,00 €

+ Nail polish including TNS - Nail polish € 20

+ Shellac € 20

+ Nail polish removal € 20

+ FRESH UP nail filing and polish including TNS nail polish € 45


Price: 52,00€

+ Nail polish including TNS - Nail polish € 20

+ Shellac € 20

+ Nail polish removal € 20

+ FRESH UP nail filing and polish including TNS nail polish € 45

For Men

Power Lift For Men

This facial treatment especially for men's skin has a soothing, clarifying effect and gently restores the skin's balance. Individually selected products give your skin exactly what it needs. For a powerful, well-groomed radiance!


Duration: 50 min | Price: 78,00€

80 min | 125,00€ including relaxing face, head and neck massage

Eyebrow shaping

Price: 20,00€

Depilation "MEN" (back, chest, shoulders, stomach)

Price: 29,00€ - 60,00€


Price: 49,00€


Price: 52,00€

Body and Mind

Magnesium Body Scrub Detox

Saint Charles Magnesium Body Scrub Relax is a sea salt scrub with natural Zechstein magnesium. It refines the skin's texture, stimulates the skin's metabolism and promotes blood circulation. The essential oils of lavender and orange ensure deep relaxation. Intensive care is then applied with gentle strokes.


Duration: 50 min | Price: 76,00€

Evening Primrose Body Wrap

The evening primrose oil body wrap is a powerful treatment for extremely dry skin. Provides intensive moisture, nourishes the skin and makes it soft and supple. Very helpful for skin conditions or for treating psoriasis and neurodermatitis. Evening primrose oil stimulates the metabolism, is anti-inflammatory and stabilizes the skin's pH value.


Duration: 50 min | Price: 74,00€

Rebalancing Body Treatment

This soothing treatment combination is perfect for switching off, leaving everyday stress behind and recharging your batteries. The ritual begins with a body scrub, followed by a cleansing and relaxing bath. To finish, enjoy a relaxing massage with exquisite warm oils.


Duration: 110 min | Price: 140,00€


TIP Can also be booked as a couple's treatment in our spa suite

Bodyforming & Detox

Magnesium Body Scrub Detox

Saint Charles Magnesium Body Scrub is a sea salt scrub with natural Zechstein magnesium of the highest quality. Essential oils of rosemary, frankincense and lavender support the detoxification process through the skin. An intensive detoxifying treatment is then applied with gentle strokes.


Duration: 50 min | Price: 76,00€

Detoxifying Cellulite Treatment

The innovative cellulite program with cupping technique and the highly effective natural products from Saint Charles visibly alleviates cellulite and has a decongestive effect on the body tissue.


Duration: 50 min | Price: 78,00€

Lymph Stimulating Massage

Gentle, rhythmic and relaxing massage technique that stimulates the removal of accumulated water, reduces swelling and stimulates cell renewal.


Duration: 50 min | Price: 80,00€


Amaril`s Individual Body Massage

Relax from head to toe with an individually tailored full-body massage using pure natural oils. Targeted release of deep muscle tension, improves tissue elasticity, flexibility and circulation.


Duration: 50 min | Price: 85,00€

Aroma Relax Massage

The deeply relaxing massage with natural, warm essential oils has a calming effect on the body and mind.


Duration: 50 min | Preis: 85,00€

Sport Regeneration Body Massage

The personalized sports massage with Saint Charles magnesium gel is particularly suitable before and after sporting activity to regenerate and relax the muscles.


Duration: 50 min | Price: 85,00€

Feet & Leg Treatment

This treatment revives tired legs, has an invigorating effect and revitalizes your leg muscles.


Duration: 50 min | Price: 80,00€

Hot Stone Relax Massage

Enjoy the fascinating combination of a soothing massage and hot basalt stones. The muscles are deeply loosened and the body's self-healing powers are activated. Warm basalt stones stimulate the seven energy centers of your body for noticeably more balance.


Duration: 75 min. | Price: 125,00€

Lomi Lomi Nui

In the Hawaiian temple massage, the strokes are performed over a large area, primarily with the forearms.  The undulating and connecting movements bring the entire energy system into flow. A Lomi Lomi Nui is not only relaxing, but also cleanses the body, soul and spirit.


Duration: 75 min. | Price: 125,00€


Private SPA ONLY

Enjoy togetherness with a relaxing bath of your choice and then time for two with a bottle of Prosecco and handmade chocolates. 

Wild Roots - invigorating fragrance with rosemary and lemon

Rising Heart - relaxing fragrance with bergamot, orange and vanilla


Duration: 50 min | Price: 72,00€ for 2 persons

South Tyrolean Wellbeing 

The feel good time begins with a cleansing sea salt scrub with rosemary and lavender. The subsequent whey bath, a first-class care bath, provides the skin with moisture and has a regenerating effect. A 25-minute aroma massage with high-quality oils will help you relax and unwind. You can spend the resting time in the relaxation oasis with a bottle of Prosecco and South Tyrolean snacks.


Duration: 170 min | Price: 230,00€ for 2 Persons


*On request, we are happy to serve a bottle of champagne or a wine of your choice (for an extra charge)

AMARIL's Special Packages


  • Relaxing Head-Neck-Feet Massage
  • Herbal Refreshs & Relaxing Treatment
  • Hot Stone Relax Massage

3 days / € 332 (-10%= € 299)

Beauty Day

  • Herbal Cleansing & Balancing Treatment
  • Manicure with nail polish or shellac
  • Pedicure with nail polish or shellac

1 or 3 days / € 219 (-10%= € 197)

Sport & Active

  • Dynamic Back Massage
  • Sport Regeneration Body Massage
  • Feet & Leg Treatment

3 days / € 247 (-10%= € 222)

SPA Info

Delays and cancellations

Booked appointments are binding. Cancellations at short notice are possible 24 hours in advance, otherwise we will charge 100% of the treatment price.


Please inform us before the treatment about any medical indications, allergies or pregnancy that need to be taken into account.

All our treatments are not therapeutic treatments.


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