Lean back and find your way back to what matters most

Enjoy it to the full - the feeling of being at one with yourself. Our spa experts and highly effective natural cosmetics ensure that your time on the lounger ensures deep relaxation that will last for a long time.

It is best to reserve your desired treatment before you arrive – we will be happy to advise you!


Signature Treatments 

Relaxing head-neck-shoulders massage

Specific manoeuvres, combined with the effectiveness of carefully selected plant extracts, dissolve tension in the neck, head and shoulders. This treatment is perfect for de-stressing and calming the mind. It also stimulates microcirculation and strengthens blood vessels, the nervous system and the sensory organs in general.


Duration: 50 min | Prize: 72,00€

Dynamic back massage

A regenerating treatment for the back, thanks to highly effective natural active ingredients and cupping, which loosens the contractions of the muscles and improves the spine’s mobility. You will feel unblocked, for a lasting sensation of relaxation.


Duration: 50 min | Prize: 76,00€

Holistic Luxe Body Treatment

Exceptional holistic ritual for body and face, based on the healing art of traditional European natural medicine, pampering the senses and deeply nourishing with outstanding natural cosmetics from the Saint Charles line. A deeply relaxing, luxurious body treatment with targeted massage techniques is followed by gentle facial skin care tailored to your individual needs. Also thanks to the enveloping aroma of selected and naturally pure essential oils, the Holistic Luxe Body Treatment takes body and mind to a dimension of total relaxation, slowing down breathing and helping to regain energy and vitality. To get back your glow of well-being.


Duration: 110 min | Prize: 145,00€

Body and Mind

Magnesium Body Scrub Detox

This body scrub from the Saint Charles line is made from sea salt and the highest quality Zechstein magnesium. The studied blend of essential oils of rosemary, frankincense and lavender aids the purification process of the skin.


Duration: 40 min | Prize: 65,00€

Magnesium Body Scrub Relaxation

In this variant, the body scrub of the Saint Charles line composed of sea salt and the highest quality Zechstein magnesium, offers a relaxing effect thanks to specific essential oils known for these properties, including lavender and orange.


Duration: 40 min | Prize: 65,00€

Relaxing tensions:
the classics

Full body massage

Duration: 50 min | Prize: 68,00€

Partial body massage

Duration: 25 min | Prize: 42,00€

Face- head massage

Duration: 25 min | Prize: 42,00€

Reflexology massage

Duration: 40 min | Prize: 62,00€

Intensive back massage with cupping glass

Duration: 40 min | Prize: 65,00€

Sport regeneration massage full body

Duration: 65 min | Prize: 92,00€

Special massages

Lomi Lomi Nui

A massage with Hawaiian origins with warm oil and wide movements alternating with manoeuvres aimed at gently loosening the joints. For deep psycho/physical relaxation.


Duration: 75 min | Prize: 125,00€

Ayurveda full body massage

Ayurveda is a holistic discipline of the Indian tradition, promoting the harmony between body and mind. This massage with warm sesame oil, like other treatments based on this philosophy, stimulates the body's self-healing capacity.


Duration: 75 min | Prize: 93,00€

Hot Stone massage

A fascinating combination of an energizing treatment with warm basalt stones and an invigorating massage. The seven chakras are also stimulated thanks to specific essential oils - for a new sense of balance and greater vitality.


Duration: 75 min | Prize: 78,00€

Aromatic massage

A classic relaxing massage is performed with a warm aromatic oil in your favourite fragrance. For tailor-made moments of well-being.


Duration: 25 min | Prize: 44,00€                                 
Duration: 50 min | Prize: 72,00€

Saint Charles Facial Treatmens 

Herbal Cleansing Treatment

A delicate but effective and thorough cleansing of the skin to restore its balance and natural luminosity.


Duration: 50 min | Prize: 78,00€

Herbal Balancing Treatment 

Gently helps skin rebalancing, for an overall sensation of well-being. Perfect in case of dryness or other skin issues.


Duration: 50 min | Prize: 78,00€

Herbal Refresh Treatment 

This treatment regenerates the skin, also reinvigorating the spirit, thanks to special massaging techniques and a highly nourishing face and eye contour mask.


Duration: 80 min | Prize: 135,00€

Herbal Relaxing Treatment 

Pampering for the skin, pure relaxation for the mind: this treatment relaxes the muscles of the face and instils a deep inner calm.


Duration: 80 min | Prize: 135,00€

Extra treatments

Eyebrow definition

Duration: 20 min | Prize: 15,00€

Eyebrow tinting

Duration: 15 min | Prize: 17,00€

Eyelashe tinting

Duration: 20 min | Prize: 19,00€

Eyelash lamination

Duration: 60 min | Prize: 68,00€

Beauty Classics

Manicure without nail polish

Duration: 40 min | Prize: 49,00€

Manicure with nail polish

Duration: 50 min | Prize: 59,00€

Manicure with Shellac semi-permanent nail polish

Duration: 60 min | Prize: 65,00€

Semi-permanent nail polish removal

Duration: 25 min | Prize: 22,00€

Pedicure without nail polish

Duration: 50 min | Prize: 52,00€

Pedicure with nail polish

Duration: 65 min | Prize: 64,00€

Pedicure with Shellac semi-permanent nail polish

Duration: 65 min | Prize: 74,00€

Semi-permanent nail polish removal

Duration: 25 min | Prize: 22,00€

Depilation upper lip or chin

Duration: 15 min | Prize: 18,00€

Depilation legs complete

Duration: 50 min | Prize: 55,00€

Depilation legs to knee

Duration: 25 min | Prize: 32,00€

Depilation underarms

Duration: 15 min | Prize: 19,00€

Depilation bikini area

Duration: 25 min | Prize: 26,00€

Depilation back

Duration: 45 min | Prize: 40,00€

Private Spa Packages

Short Private Spa

Wellness bath, with resting phase and a glass of prosecco per person.


1 Person         Duration: ca. 25 min | Prize: 65,00€
2 Persons       Duration: ca. 50 min | Prize: 72,00€

Private Spa Premium

  • Wellness bath
  • 2 glasses of prosecco
  • Partial couples’ massage


Duration: 1,5 Stunden | Prize: 145,00€

Private Spa Deluxe 

  • Relaxing bath
  • 2 glasses of prosecco
  • South Tyrolean delicacies
  • Aromatic massage for couples    


Duration: 2,5 Stunden | Prize: 220,00€

AMARIL's special packages

Feel-good package

  • 1 Relaxing Head & Neck Massage
  • 1 Herbal Balancing Treatment
  • 1 Ayurveda Full Body Massage   


Duration: 3 treatment days | Prize: 228,00€



  • 1 Herbal Cleansing Treatment
  • 1 Manicure with nail polish
  • 1 Pedicure with nail polish


Dauer: 3 treatment days | Prize: 186,00€                                                                                        

Sport active package

  • 1 Sports Regeneration Massage Full Body
  • 1 Intensive Back Massage with cupping


Duration: 2 treatment days | Prize: 142,00€                                  


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